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Corporate Profile

Destination Wollongong work to position Wollongong and surrounds as a premier regional tourism, events and conference destination.


Business Objectives

  1. Support visitor economy growth in Wollongong and surrounds
  2. Position Wollongong as a diversified coastal destination appealing to the major event and conference markets
  3. Revitalise and activate Wollongong’s City Centre to create a vibrant retail and entertainment precinct
  4. Service the needs of key stakeholders and members

reason to be

Destination Wollongong (DW), enabled by the strategic long-term support of Wollongong City Council, is charged with delivering visitor economy growth by positioning Wollongong & surrounds as a premier regional tourism, events & conference destination.

Destination Wollongong operates under the following five strategic pillars

1. Destination marketing

Tourism is a national industry worth over $94 billion and contributes $704 million to Wollongong's economy each year. Aligning Tourism Australia, Destination New South Wales and key industry operators, Destination Wollongong will strive to make Wollongong a highly desirable destination for visitors from priority target markets and market segments: business, business events, education, employment and "visiting friends and relatives".

In 2013/14 Destination Wollongong will work with partners to implement aggressive marketing and sales initiatives with the aim of increasing international, interstate and intrastate visitor numbers and total expenditure. The best of Wollongong will be showcased through appealing, authentic & high quality visitor experiences.

2. Visitor Information Services

Wollongong & surrounds receives over 4.5 million visitors annually. Our Visitor Information Service provides up-to-date information across multiple platforms to create positive experiences for our visitors. An interactive digital hub helps drive destination awareness & visitor engagement.

3. Business Events and Conferences

This represents one of the highest yielding sectors in Australia’s visitor economy. It is worth $16 billion per annum to the Australian economy and in excess of $10 million to the Wollongong economy. The acquisition of Business Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE) is a key strategic priority for Destination Wollongong. Through tailored packages and a range of strategic initiatives, Destination Wollongong is working to position Wollongong as the regional destination of choice for business events & conferences.

4. Major Event Acquisition

Wollongong, with its wonderful natural assets, public infrastructure and proximity to Sydney and Canberra is well placed to benefit from the economic impact and regional exposure that Major Events provide. Destination Wollongong is working hard to make Wollongong the premier “event hub” in regional NSW. Destination Wollongong’s 2012/13 Summer program of 18 events directly injected $22 million of economic value into the region.

5. Wollongong City Centre

This strategic pillar came under Destination Wollongong’s charter in 2011. Destination Wollongong undertakes a range of marketing & promotional activity to position the City Centre as a vibrant retail & entertainment precinct to complement exciting & extensive building works over the next 2 years.

Our House

The Our House image below best illustrates these strategic pillars. A PDF version is also available for download.

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