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Wollongong’s laid-back modern coastal lifestyle is also full of rich arts & culture. Find out more below!

Running alongside the laid-back modern coastal Wollongong lifestyle you’ll find a proud arts and cultural scene. For such a small slice of the map, we really do pack a diverse punch. After all, where else can you visit the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere, then just minutes later be perusing some of the nation’s finest Australian, Aboriginal and Asian art, before taking in a world-class show or innovative arts festival? The answer is simple – nowhere else!

Only in Wollongong will you find the Nan Tien Temple – blending a spiritual experience with awe-inspiring architecture and events all year round. (Meanwhile, Sri Venkateswara Temple, high in the hilltops of Helensburgh, is one of the most famous Hindu temples this side of India!) And only in Wollongong can you visit our impressive City Gallery and its sister venue, the Illawarra Performing Arts Centre to witness all kinds of art from all around the world.

Only in Wollongong will you literally find a new surprise around every corner with our urban art Wonderwalls Festival, or Yours & Owls and Corona SunSets music festivals just metres from the beach. And only here will you find the Gumaraa Indigenous Experience alongside the future-focused 3Fest, where arts, technology and society collide.

Only here. And our rich arts and culture offering is simply further evidence of our constant reinvention. We like to play, but it’s not always the same tune!