Symbio Wildlife Park Get directions

“Are we there yet?” is not a phrase commonly heard among families visiting Wollongong. That’s because everything’s within easy reach, and just like kids, we love to play!

The city’s cycle/scooter/buggy-friendly coastal strip is a wonderful starting point – cruise the Blue Mile in style, grab an ice cream or coffee, take a dip or simply enjoy the many playgrounds. In fact, you’ll find 17 patrolled beaches up and down our coast catering for all ages – from surf-seekers to ocean pool splashers and sun-soaked sand-castlers!

Want more exciting splashes? Then head to Jamberoo Action Park – fully loaded with world-class waterslides and rides from September to April each year. On the way, experience the Illawarra Fly and eco-Zipline (Australia’s highest) or head to Symbio Wildlife Park to get up close to koalas, tigers, meerkats, kangaroos, reptiles and more.

The Botanic Garden are the perfect blend of picnics and play, while the WIN Sports and Entertainment Centres provides regular family events such as Disney on Ice, the Wiggles and Hawks basketball game (or Dragons NRL game next door!).

Raining? No problem. Hit up the Science and Early Start Discovery Spaces. Or the movies. Or go rock climbing. Or laser tagging. Or do an escape room. Actually, these are good in any weather – and further proof that Wollongong is a family destination for all seasons…