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Woonona Beach

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Located between the Wollongong suburbs of Woonona and Bellambi, Woonona Beach stretches out to the northern part of the beach whilst Bellambi Beach is located in the southern part. Woonona beach features an elevated rock platform, upon which is perched a large rock pool -perfect for admiring the scenic views. Bellambi Beach has a small lagoon and reserve whereas the area behind Woonona features holiday apartments, cafes, a grassy oval and the Woonona Surf Lifesaving Club.

Despite being located around 20 minutes from the centre of Wollongong, Woonona Beach remains a popular destination for both locals and those from outside Wollongong. For the safety of visitors, the beach is patrolled during the seven-month lifeguard session.

Woonona Beach has plenty of amenities such as outdoor showers, a children’s playground, an outdoor fitness equipment all accessible to the public. The northern end of the beach in particular provides good surfing conditions with waves averaging 1-1.5 metres.


22 Kurraba Road, Woonona


Does not cater for people with access needs.


Address: 22 Kurraba Road, Woonona
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