Kiama | Destination Wollongong


Kiama Elly Bishop

Mixing nostalgia with natural beauty, this is an attractive town that knows how to make a visitor feel welcome – after all, it’s been welcoming passenger trains since the 1880s, proudly showing off its golden sands and abundance of natural riches.

Arguably, the best way to see it is on foot along the 20km Kiama Coast Walk, stretching from the Minnamurra River in the north to Gerringong further south, with breathtaking views and whale-watching opportunities (April-November) along the way. Meanwhile, the non-whale blowhole that you can see all year round (when the sea swell is right!) is the ideal place to get your bearings – with 360-degree views from the Norfolk-pine-fringed point here next to the Lighthouse.

It’s not uncommon to see families picnicking on the hill or in parks here, enjoying the town’s free WiFi and splashing in the nearby beaches or ocean baths. Cafes are also in plentiful supply in this gateway to the south – with a trip to Gerringong and Gerroa worth the drive for the mix of surfer-friendly chilled vibes, laid-back bars, an award-winning winery and microbrewery. It’s a youthful seaside zest that difficult to define, but easy to enjoy.