Bike Friendly Employers | Destination Wollongong


Since winning the right to host the 2022 UCI Road World Championships, Wollongong has been designated the UCI Bike City status.

The Bike Friendly Employer Program is an accreditation program for employers to encourage businesses to install facilities and implement workplace programs that encourage and accommodate employees who would like to ‘ride to work’.

Benefits of the Bike Friendly Employers Program:

  • Enhanced Employee Health and Productivity
  • Reduced Parking Costs for Employers and Employees
  • Decreased Transport Costs and Times for Employees
  • Environmentally Friendly Image Projection for Employers
  • Building Workplace’s “Social Capital”
  • Improved Organizational Morale
  • Opportunity for free marketing and networking.
  • Increased Employability in the Local Community through Active Transportation

Employer Criteria:

Employers who sign up would need to consider the following matters. The Essential Criteria need to be in place or being planned. If these have been satisfied – then the organisation should self-score the following Desirable Criteria, between 0 (being not in existence and/or not being planned) to 5 (Being fully completed) and forward the completed scoresheet to Destination Wollongong.