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Photo Taker Competition

Become Wollongong's Resident Photo-Taker

Congratulations to Cass Pearce (@oz_bush_and_4x4) and Lee Robinson (@illawarraphotographer) on be chosen as Wollongong's Resident Photo-Takers. Check out a few of their images below or head to our Instagram Page @visitwollongong for more local inspiration.




We know that Wollongong is brimming with incredible photo talent and we’re on the search for it!

This photo competition is for every kind of photo-taker, from amateur to emerging and professional. We don’t want to exclude anyone [that’s why we’re saying photo-taker instead of photographer]. 

If you have a camera [top-of-the-range right through to iPhone], and love taking photos of Wollongong and its surrounds [think attractions, scenery, activities, events, culture and food] then we want to see what you’ve got!

The Prize…
1. Bragging rights
2. Your photo shared (with credit – always!) across Wollongong’s promotional channels including social media, in our 2020 Visitor Guide (it could even be the front cover!) and on our new website
3. Announced as one of two Wollongong Photo-Takers on @visitwollongong with your photo featured and your account tagged
4. A $1,000 photo contract. Under this contract, we will show you some of our favourite locations around Wollongong where you will shoot an additional x10 photos over a 4-month period from August to December 2019 that will be featured across Destination Wollongong’s promotional channels.

How to enter:
1. Share your Wollongong (and surrounds) photo on Instagram, tag us (@visitwollongong) and use #wollongongphototaker in your post's text.
2. Send a high-res copy (min. 2MB) of your photo to phototaker@wollongong.nsw.gov.au.

And you're entered. So easy.

What we’re looking for…

We’re not looking for the most polished picture or even composition perfection. We want images that capture the heartbeat and personality of Wollongong; images that communicate the playground that we enjoy and invite visitors to discover.

We will be launching an exciting new destination brand later in the year and want images that say: “Come play with us!”

Forget what you’ve seen on our channels. We're not looking for a specific style. We want quality and clarity, yes. But the rest is up to you!

Here is a shot-list designed to give you some location/content inspo. This is not an exhaustive list; we’re actually open to pretty much anything and everything. But if you need a sense of direction, this will help:

• ATTRACTIONS – This is where you highlight the beauty of our landscape or the awesomeness of our man-made attractions. It may or may not contain people. Think beaches, the Sea Cliff Bridge, Wollongong Harbour and lighthouses, Bald Hill, bush walking, lookouts. The list is endless…

• ACTIVITIES – This is where you can show people getting in on the action and enjoying our recreational areas and tourism operators, show us your favourite activities around Wollongong! 

• FOOD AND DRINK – For all the foodie photo-takers, this one is for you! From a snap of a perfectly-poured brew to café menus, cheese-boards and wine drops, we want to see it so clearly we can taste it.

• EVENTS – All about the good times! Let your photo celebrate Wollongong’s diverse event line-up. Crop people in, or use tight shot to highlight the experience.

• CULTURE – Show us the quality, diversity and uniqueness of our indigenous experiences, the arts, and heritage-based content.

How long have you got?
The photo-search kicked off on Monday 8 July 2019 (AEST).
You have until 11:59pm on Sunday 4 August 2019 (AEST) to submit your entries.

No such thing as too many!
Struggling to choose one photo? Let us stop you right there. You can enter as many photos as you like!

Terms and Conditions
View the Competitions full Terms and Conditions here.

A few final things to note…
Photo ownership: All entries must be the original independent creation of the entrant and free of any claims that they infringe any third-party rights. 
Photo permissions: By submitting a photo in the competition, the entrant gives Destination Wollongong permission to use their photo (with credit) in its marketing channels including social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), website (www.visitwollongong.com.au), Visitor Guide and other collateral, irrespective of whether the entrant is deemed the winner.

Any questions?
If you have any questions please email us at phototaker@wollongong.nsw.gov.au and a member of our team will respond within 3 business days.

                                        That’s enough from us – happy shooting!