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Wollongong/Coniston Beach Soft Pastels Art Workshop

Bank and Harbour Streets, Wollongong,

27 April 2019

This soft pastel drawing class is suitable for nine year olds to adults. Makes for a great family day out at Coniston Beach - located at the Wollongong golf course!

Violetta will guide you through the basic techniques to create an expressionistic beach scene of the Wollongong lighthouse and South beach.

All materials included. Runs for two hours. You will be sitting on the sand, so please pack comfortable wind proof clothing, jumper, hat, sunscreen, sunnies, camping chair, towel and water. If you like, you may bring a camping chair.

Will reschedule in case of bad weather. Meet at corner of Bank and Harbour Streets Wollongong.

Must book twenty four hours prior to the event.