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Paula do Prado - Iyanla

12 Berry Street, Nowra,

7 - 28 September 2019

lya-nla, iya is a Yoruba word for Mother, nla means big. Iya-nla means big mother or great mother, ancestral mother. The artworks take as a starting point a collection of domestic cloths passed down from women in the family as well as collected crochet and lace pieces sourced in markets and antique shops in Uruguay and Argentina.

The domestic cloths reference the capacity for cloth to act as an archive. Each piece functions as a sensorial trigger to explore the intersections of the artist's family history with the Atlantic slave trade, colonisation and migration.

This body of work is a reflection of her personal growth as a black woman, a mother and artist. It seeks to honour those that have come before, to acknowledge and listen to the ancestral mother within and to continue the work of self-healing.