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Paula do Prado - Bind and Release - Working with Textiles

This is an open-ended workshop where you will be encouraged to explore, play and experiment with textile materials such as fabric and yarn remnants to find your own visual expression in the materials. Many of the materials provided are from Paula do Prado's past artworks. The artist will share stories attached to these materials. You will learn techniques of wrapping, binding and creating bundles with fabric, yarn and thread.

Paula will bring in examples of finished and in progress artwork to hold, touch and have a closer look to see how she has incorporated or referenced these techniques in her own work.

Suitable to all levels of ability.

Lunch and materials provided.

Paula do Prado lives and works on Gadigal Land (Sydney). Born on Charrúa and Guaraní land (Montevideo), Uruguay, do Prado emigrated to Australia in 1986. Her work explores the intersections between her African, Hispanic and European heritage together with her experience of living as a migrant on stolen land. do Prado’s practice is predominantly textile based but also includes self portraiture, painting and objects.