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Off the Beaten Track - Donna Caffrey, Margaret Gollen, Prue Hill, Linda Taglieri and Diana Thomas

12 Berry Street, Nowra,

8 June - 27 July 2019

Five textile artists have taken a journey ‘off the beaten track’ either literally, imaginary or creatively for this travelling exhibition. The artists; Donna Caffrey, Margaret Gollan, Prue Hill, Linda Taglieri and Diana Thomas; have explored the theme through space travel and metaphysics to memories of adventures in distant lands, literature, magical design and the repetition of everyday life.

The theme provides a starting point from which the concept of difference can be understood and interpreted in both concrete and abstract ways. It is an exhibition with historical and contemporary references. Some of the works use unusual techniques in a traditional way while others use traditional techniques in offbeat ways to convey their message. Work practices include embroidery, weaving, 3-D works, quilt making, collage and felting.

The works in this exhibition reflect the uniqueness of the lives of their creators and their willingness to take risks and follow different paths.