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My Urrwai

42 Bridge Road, Nowra,

10 - 11 April 2019

Ghenoa Gela - little sister, daughter, granddaughter, comic, teacher, fighter, gold medallist, air guitarist, charmer, television star, Torres Strait mainlander, walking political statement – has made a show.

This is your invitation into the complex political, social, colonial and cultural expectations she navigates every day.

Ghenoa is a recipient of both the renowned Keir Choreographic Award and the Deadly Funny Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award. Laughter and deep reflection go hand-in-hand in this unique and intimate story told through movement and words.

My Urrwai, supported by a stellar team including director Rachael Maza and dramaturg Kate Champion, is a revealing reflection on, and celebration of cultural and familial inheritance, and an unflinching comment on race relations in Australia.