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Batemans Bay BMX Open

Calga Crescent, Catalina,

21 February 2019 - 14 February 2020

Join them for an action-packed day of BMX racing.

The BMX Open is fast BMX racing, consisting of approximately 400 riders between the ages of five and 50, with over 1200 spectators. Riders and spectators will be travelling to Batemans Bay from places such as Albion Park, Sydney, Orange, Canberra, Victoria and Queensland to participate in the BMX Open. Saturday will consist of rider practice and Sunday will be rider practice and then BMX racing.

It is a fun day for the whole family who are able to watch and support a fantastic sport. The event will include race commentating, music, canteen, barbecue, slushy van, coffee van, BMX Pro Shops (selling BMX race gear, bikes, accessories, etc).

Practice begins at 8 am on the Sunday with the Open starting at 10am.