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Annual Reports

We welcome you to browse our annual reports and see how your partnership investment is working for you and the region.

Tourism wollongong to destination wollongong: why

In September 2012 Tourism Wollongong became Destination Wollongong in a move that brought the city's expanding CBD and tourism/events base under a single marketing umbrella. This has enabled the city to better develop and package itself as a lifestyle destination.

The change was also timely and in response to the new five year funding agreement that Tourism Wollongong had entered into with Wollongong City Council in November 2011. This agreement saw an expansion in Tourism Wollongong's core roles and responsibilities to include the marketing of the City Centre and major event acquisition. 

Transforming into Destination Wollongong allowed all the city's main marketing activities to be brought under one roof in a way that removed duplication and enabled Wollongong to adopt a more holistic approach to destination marketing.

Becoming Destination Wollongong was also a natural progression, following on from the industry trend that saw name changes made by Destination NSW and Destination Melbourne - two effective marketing bodies that saw the need to streamline the way in which they can plan, develop and package their destinations.

This transition is important to keep in mind when exploring the annual reports from previous years.

Annual reports

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