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Advantage Wollongong

Learn how the Wollongong Advantage can translate into your business advantage.

Advantage WollongongGlobally Connected: Wollongong is the most connected regional city in Australia. It is strategically located just over one hour south of Sydney Airport, Australia's international gateway for tourists and business visitors.

Supportive Business Environment: Wollongong has significant industry base, competitive business costs and a skilled multilingual workforce that creates a supportive business environment.

City of Innovation: Wollongong has a sophisticated and well developed innovation eco-system that supports industry collaboration and excellence. Key elements include a world class university, award winning technology precinct and a purpose built business accelerator.

Superb Liveability: Wollongong is not only a great place to do business, it is also a great place to live with an attractive coastal lifestyle and affordable living options. It offers superb liveability for people of all ages, and great locations for people to live, work and play.

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Advantage Wollongong is a joint initiative delivered by the NSW Department of Industry, University of Wollongong’s Innovation Campus and Wollongong City Council. They are serious about attracting new business to Wollongong. Their services include assistance with key local introductions, site selection, decision support material, and advice on government regulations, policies and incentives.

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